Projects and Renovations

Creating a window
Layout in Basement

Inside view of different steps building in a window in this wooden structure.

A partly finished basement was in need of a separated laundry room, an utility room, and an additional guest bathroom. As shown in the first picture it all started with a layout on the concrete floor.

Creating a Partition

Different steps to improve and modify a bathroom. An exhaust fan was needed, a new window built in, and the customer had asked for a half round partition to separate the toilet from the rest of the bathroom.

Finishing Office Space

An existing but unfinished space, meant for an office, was finished and immediately used after.

Building a Powder Room

After separating some space within a big laundry/utility room, constructing a partition wall with fake

window for some daylight, building in an additional door and the smallest sink possible, a toilet with

flush grinder was installed to create this small powder room in a basement.

Adding New Windows

Outside view of new windows with customized frame and sill installed in a wooden structure.

Kitchen Renovation

A lengthy renovation took place in an old farmhouse kitchen. There was enough space for a new kitchen but poor insulation, not enough daylight, a strange floor layout, and dated utilities called for something more radical (Picture 1). During the renovation process (Picture 2) other experts were involved to ensure a proper outcome. Everything turned out beautiful and everybody was happy (Picture 3).       

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