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Outdoor Projects

Deck Modification

After a growing tree had lifted parts of a deck, it was more and more dangerous to walk on.
The buckling planks were removed, the supporting frame rebuilt and adjusted, and new ones were cut and installed. Now the deck looks decent again, is safe and the tree has some more space to grow.  

Outdoor Lighting

Low voltage garden illumination.


Building a fence to create some privacy in a dense neighbourhood.

Fixing Outside Facade

During snow melt water was running through the ceiling inside. These kind of surprises are bad enough, but when the place is booked in advance for summer guests then the urgency is even more pressing.

After opening the facade, rot and an insufficient barrier against backed up snow was found. Things had to be repaired and improved immediately. In the following years no more water seepage was reported.


Demolishing an old wooden shed and replacing it with an out of the box new one.

Custom Entrance Staircase
Erika 01.JPG
Erika 02.JPG
Erika 03.JPG

This landing with steps was in urgent need for attention. Metal handrails were basically holding everything together and after removing them, and taking some of the deck boards away, the whole situation presented itself for a complete overhaul.

With a new structure and composite deck boards in place, everything is now safe and inviting.

Custom Built Deck

This deck was created from start to finish by installing deck beams, creating a framed structure and finally making the deck. A step from the back doors as well as two decorative flower pots were created. The clients loved being able to enjoy their backyard with their new deck.

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