Other Ideas and Customizations

Custom Dog Kennel

Dog kennel built in style. The breeders ideas were very particular and in the end he and his animals were happy with the outcome. 

Light Fixture

Here the problem was that the dated aluminum facade together with the junction box could not support new, heavy fixtures. The solution was a wooden frame secured through the siding, holding everything together by supporting the new light fixture too.

Custom Cat-Run

This cat-run was custom built in a way that it could be stored in the garage during the winter time.


Installing a new toilet is not complicated, but in this particular situation an old heat outlet had to be restored first, baseboards cut and installed, and finally a one piece toilet carefully set on a marble floor.

Book Shelves

Sometimes assembling furniture or, as show here a white book shelf, can make all the difference.

Custom Countertop

A tight laundry room was upgraded by boxing in the washer and dryer with an custom made counter top.

Column Restoration

These historic columns were rotting away and had to be restored. In the second photo(Image 2) you can see the severe mold damage and the carefully recreated column pieces. After installation and some fresh paint the whole entrance of this heritage cottage looks beautiful again (Image 1).

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