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Home Repairs

Fixing a Wall

After removing the deteriorating wooden siding at the front of a garage, more damage could be seen.
In the process of fixing the problems the side wall was structurally restored, the door frame repaired, new wooden siding nailed in, sealed and painted.  

Kitchen Faucet

A small repair with big results. Updating and installing a kitchen faucet made this client very happy with her kitchen.

Doors Built In
E 1-1.JPG
E 1-2.JPG
E 1-3.JPG

In a partly finished basement room an opening was already in place, but for reasons unknown the stored away doors were never installed. These pictures show how door jam and doors with trims were built in to fit. Suddenly this half finished room was usable.

Storage Room

A dark chamber of concrete with rotting wood that did not serve any purpose. Taking out the debris was a challenge in itself, because everything had to be carried through a nicely finished basement, including the new material needed. A 'reverse construction' transformed this space and it is now moisture and rot free to be used as storage room.

Window Frame Restoration

A deteriorating wooden window frame had to be restored.

After scraping and cleaning off all loose parts, wood filler, putty, caulking and paint

saved the window by making it work for another few years.

New Faucet and Drain

After removing an old faucet and drain, cleaning the porcelain sink and unpack all the new items,

the last picture shows the new and completely assembled drain with faucet.

Range and Hood Installation
C (3).JPG
Claire (4).JPG
Claire (5).JPG

Range and light switches had to be moved so that a new hood, venting to the outside, could be installed.

The client loves to cook and this improvement made all the difference.

Built-in Microwave

A broken Microwave built in over a range had to be carefully removed to make room for the new machine (Picture 1). After clearing the space the old Microwave was removed and parked outside for disposal (Picture 2). Next, the new Microwave had to be fit in and connected (Picture 3). In the end no one could tell if there was a change, the new Microwave looked and worked well, and the client was satisfied.     

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